(S1:E4) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Kate, Part 1

Episode 4 July 02, 2020 00:58:14
(S1:E4) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Kate, Part 1
All I Know
(S1:E4) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Kate, Part 1

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Kate. In the first of this two-part series for "All I Know," Kate gives us a glimpse into her life in a chair and shares with us about the accident that left her without the use of her legs. Anybody else have a connection to someone who was once the FBI's fugitive of the month? This story is crazy and hopeful and sad and inspiring. "I think with bad things, you never know why they happen... But there has to be some sort of greater force behind it... maybe someone will learn from you." Listen in on Kate, and catch all the light you can!

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