All I Know

--- Jen Winkelmann ---

This podcast is all about gathering light to help us find our way. Because we believe there is a valuable story behind every face, you'll find our storytellers are from all walks of life. Listen in, because as the saying goes, "Everyone you meet has something valuable to teach you." (Anonymous) Catch all the light you can!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. (S2:E9), All I Know, Sacred Stories: Josie

    In this epsiode, you'll meet Josie.  She healed her own broken heart after surviving a number of pregnancy losses, including a daughter - stillborn, at full term.  Part of her healing came through the accidental finding (of what the scientific community calls) "flow" using a watercolor set.  This conversation changed ...


  2. (S2:E8), All I Know, Sacred Stories: Francis

    In this episode of All I Know, you'll meet Francis.  Francis immigrated to the United States from the Phillipines in his childhood, and walks us through his experience coming to the U.S.  He also shares how other events from his growing up years have shaped the path of his life, ...


  3. (S2:E7) All I Know, Sacred Stories: Bonnie

    In this episode of "All I Know," you'll meet Bonnie. She walks us through the impact her experiences in childhood had on her development, on how that shaping played out into her adulthood. Bonnie has wisdom to share in how we nurture our relationships with ourselves, and discusses how a ...


  4. (S2:E6) All I Know, Sacred Stories: Sarah

    In this episode, you will meet Sarah - a great overcomer. She invites us all into a deeper understanding of what it can be like to navigate the world differently abled because of cerebral palsy. Additionally, Sarah wades into her experience of pursuing her passion and will offer a spark ...


  5. (S2:E5) All I Know, Sacred Stories: Taylor, Part 2

    In the second of this 2-part series, hear what Taylor had to say about how she has managed to heal and find light in the aftermath of a shooting at her high school when she was 15 years old. (Listeners who have histories with gun violence will want to listen ...