All I Know

--- Jen Winkelmann ---

This podcast is all about gathering light to help us find our way. Because we believe there is a valuable story behind every face, you'll find our storytellers are from all walks of life. Listen in, because as the saying goes, "Everyone you meet has something valuable to teach you." (Anonymous) Catch all the light you can!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. (S2:E17), All I Know, Sacred Stories: Aaron

    In this episode of All I Know, we will hear from Aaron - who brings with him tales of adventure from Alaska and Nepal that will leave you wanting to hear more.  (Spoiler alert!  Aaron will be back in Season 3 to share more about his experiences that were ultimately ...


  2. (S2:E16), All I Know, Sacred Stories: Lori

    In this episode of All I Know, we meet Lori.  As an adoptive mom and advocate for ethics in adoption, she shares her experience plunging into the online adoption community with a "baptism by fire" that prepared her to be a voice for the importance of becoming educated about building ...


  3. (S2:E15) All I Know, Sacred Stories: Jennifer

    (Listener, please note - In Jennifer's words, this is an "R-rated" conversation, and contains adult content.) In this episode of All I Know, Jennifer will introduce us to her boyfriend, with whom she is pictured here - "such a kind, loving, giving, huge man."  But before we meet him, there is ...


  4. (S2:E14) All I Know, Sacred Stories: Kris

    In this episode of All I Know, we get a lesson in making the most of it. Twice. Kris' story left me wistful. I hunger for adventure and new experiences... and Kris found them when we were all asked to stay home to see if we could get the coronavirus ...


  5. (S2:E13), All I Know, Sacred Stories: Kim

    In this episode of "All I Know," Kim, an international adoptee from Korea, will relay her experiences with racism.  She shares some vulnerable and significant events, both from childhood and into her adulthood.  Kim will also explore the impact that racism has had on her development over the years, specifically ...