(S2:E8), All I Know, Sacred Stories: Francis

Episode 8 July 15, 2021 01:09:05
(S2:E8), All I Know, Sacred Stories: Francis
All I Know
(S2:E8), All I Know, Sacred Stories: Francis

Jul 15 2021 | 01:09:05


Hosted By

Jen Winkelmann

Show Notes

In this episode of All I Know, you'll meet Francis.  Francis immigrated to the United States from the Phillipines in his childhood, and walks us through his experience coming to the U.S.  He also shares how other events from his growing up years have shaped the path of his life, from falling in love with fashion, to being gay, and wrestling the demons he "inherited" from his childhood.  Listen in, and catch all the light you can!

PS - Please forgive our ambient noise, like traffic, birds, and windchimes!  Our conversation was held on an early summer afternoon in the design studio where Francis works.  We opened the outside door to beckon a breeze, and ended up adding a "soundtrack" to our chat.

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