(S1:E3) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Doug

Episode 3 June 18, 2020 00:53:59
(S1:E3) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Doug
All I Know
(S1:E3) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Doug

Show Notes

Doug. In this episode of "All I Know," he shares about a particular time when he waged war on a dark part of his life - not knowing whether he would (or could) overcome in the end. Doug touches on strength during times of chaos, his experience with defining masculinity, the importance of self-reflection to understand the nuances of addiction, and gives his take on why it's never too late to turn - for yourself - if you are down a path that isn't working. "Lead with your heart, but back it up with your mind." Doug said that. Listen in and catch all the light you can!

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