(S1:E5) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Kate, Part 2

Episode 5 July 09, 2020 00:40:45
(S1:E5) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Kate, Part 2
All I Know
(S1:E5) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Kate, Part 2

Show Notes

Kate. In the second of this two-part series (if you missed Part 1, make sure to catch it before jumping into Part 2!), for "All I Know," Kate continues to share her experience with life in a wheelchair and talks about how she wishes others would handle their questions and curiosities about her injury and the chair. "There needs to be more of that." More of that? What's "that?" Listen in on Kate, and catch all the light you can! Update: Since these episodes were recorded, Kate's angel of a Mother flew Heavenward. Wishing you peaceful rest, Mrs. N.

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