(S1:E12) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Eli

Episode 12 October 01, 2020 00:58:45
(S1:E12) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Eli
All I Know
(S1:E12) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Eli

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Eli. In this episode of "All I Know," she shares about her experience surviving a childhood during which her primary caregiver was battling mental illness. Eli touches on the healing power of relationship, how important it is to be "seen" for who we are, and how she found her footing without someone to show the way. "When I lay on my deathbed - you know, I'm thinking like 103 - my hope is that I can look at the generations beneath me and see that the memo they all got was that it's about relationships and loving each other... And being goofy as hell." Eli said that. Listen in and catch all the light you can!

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