(S1:E10) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Alba, Part 3

Episode 10 September 03, 2020 00:30:06
(S1:E10) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Alba, Part 3
All I Know
(S1:E10) All I Know - Sacred Stories: Alba, Part 3

Sep 03 2020 | 00:30:06


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Jen Winkelmann

Show Notes

Alba. In the third of this three-part series for "All I Know" (make sure you listen to Parts 1 and 2 before diving into Part 3!), Alba brings together the threads she has shared with us so far. This part of the conversation reflects on, as she says, "The brand new book of Alba that I was writing... on my own." Do not miss the installments of Alba's story; catch all the light you can from this Survivor and She-Warrior!

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