(S2:E16), All I Know, Sacred Stories: Lori

Episode 16 October 28, 2021 01:06:29
(S2:E16), All I Know, Sacred Stories: Lori
All I Know
(S2:E16), All I Know, Sacred Stories: Lori

Show Notes

In this episode of All I Know, we meet Lori.  As an adoptive mom and advocate for ethics in adoption, she shares her experience plunging into the online adoption community with a "baptism by fire" that prepared her to be a voice for the importance of becoming educated about building a family by adoption - from all angles.  But before this chapter, Lori walks us through some powerful self-reflection about her childhood battling sickness, which ultimately empowered her to inhabit her body in a whole new way.  Listen in, and catch all the light you can!

Lori and her work can be found at these additional links below!

BookThe Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption
PodcastAdoption: The Long View

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