(S2:E15) All I Know, Sacred Stories: Jennifer

Episode 15 October 15, 2021 01:01:46
(S2:E15) All I Know, Sacred Stories: Jennifer
All I Know
(S2:E15) All I Know, Sacred Stories: Jennifer

Oct 15 2021 | 01:01:46


Hosted By

Jen Winkelmann

Show Notes

(Listener, please note - In Jennifer's words, this is an "R-rated" conversation, and contains adult content.)

In this episode of All I Know, Jennifer will introduce us to her boyfriend, with whom she is pictured here - "such a kind, loving, giving, huge man."  But before we meet him, there is a path to walk with Jennifer that is sensitive and vulnerable.  She takes us through her marriage of 25 years to a man, who six years ago, became her wife.  After feeling rejected and cast aside in that relationship, Jennifer crafted a comeback that is unlike any other story you will hear.  Listen in, and catch all the light you can!

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